Following consultation with Ofcom, the ability to earn credit from the apps has been disabled. The apps will continue to work, but no longer earn credit.

Mobile to 08 Mobile to 08 Mobile to 08 Mobile to INTERNATIONAL PAYG Buster
PAYG Buster. Call mobile numbers, local numbers and 08 numbers for less on PAYG.

Call mobile numbers, local numbers & 08 numbers for less on PAYG

Talk More and Pay Less With The Pay As You Go Buster


The 'Pay As You Go Buster' is a new app that allows PAYG users cheaper calls to mobile numbers, local numbers and 08 numbers.


In fact, as all mobile users are now able to dial 0800 numbers for free, you can call any number you like*, for less! Even pay monthly users!


All calls made with the 'Pay As You Go Buster' will cost between 9p and 20p per minute. You are probably paying anywhere near 45p per minute normally so download now for cheaper calls.


You will require a Prepay Account to take advantage of cheaper calls. Simply register for a free Prepay Account** or login to your existing one and, ensuring you have enough call credit, use your Prepay Account to pay for the call at a fraction of the cost.


The Pay As You Buster will connect your calls to 0808 numbers (remember they are free) which in turn connects to the number you want to call, for less.

*except 09 and 07 follow me numbers.
**The Prepay Account is required to pay less for the calls you want to make. This is not a free service. Call costs will vary from between 9p per minute and 20p per minute however, this is less than what you would normally spend to make similar calls. You can top up via the app or by going to the top up section on our website.

Download the App now by clicking on the App Store link below

Free for iPhone! Available on the iPhone App Store
Free for Android! Available on the Android App Store
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